Meet the LIFAN E3 Lux

The Lifan E3 Lux is a state-of-the-art electric scooter from the family of LIFAN. It comes with top of the class components, such as the high-performance Bosch electric motor and the electronic regenerative braking system (EBS). It also features the latest technological developments on the e-scooter market, such as LED lighting on the headlight, taillight, signals and daytime running light and the LED digital dashboard with precise display and interchangeable dashboard colours. It is made to the highest quality standards, hence its name E3 LUX. Discover more below.

Lifan E3 Lux White


Technische Specificaties

Motor Power1500W
Max Snelheid45km/u
Klasseerbaarheid Capaciteit12°
AccuLithium-ion 60V 26AH
Max Range*70km (25km/h), 50 (45km/h)
Gewicht accu (kg)12
Max Laadtijd6.5h
Voorkant / Achter RemmenSchijf / Schijf
Voorkant / Achter SchokdemperTelescopic hydraulic spring shock absorber
Rear Shock Absorber Air gas spring absorber
Bandenmaat110/70-12" 130/70-12"
Afmetingen (mm)1860x760x1290
Bodemvrijheid (mm)140
Wielbasis (mm)1308
Zithoogte (mm)780
Netto gewicht (kg)82
Digitaal DashboardJa
Elektronische Regeneratief Remsysteem (EBS)Ja
Second BatteryJa

*When purchasing an electrically powered vehicle, the buyer must take into account that the specified range is an indication that depends on many factors, including: outside temperature; rider weight and freight; age and condition of the battery(s); tire pressure; state of maintenance of the vehicle; mounted accessories; driving style; set pulling force and maximum speed. The supplier specifies a range that can be achieved under normal circumstances and when applying the legal maximum speed.